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Pre-Congress Courses

Pre-Congress Courses

Sunday, 3rd October 2021

08:00 - 12:30 PC Course 1 Access to Pelvic Sidewall (incl. Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration)
08:00 - 12:30 PC Course 2 Neuropelveology (incl. Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration)
08:00 - 13:00
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PC Course 3 (onsite only)
*fully booked*
Where 3D Sonography meets Hysteroscopy*
14:00 - 16:30
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PC Course 4 (onsite only) GESEA Train the Trainer*
08:30 - 12:30 PC Course 5 (onsite only) How do I manage a woman who presents with an endometrioma?
It is not as simple as you think!

*Gemelli Hospital Training Center

Please note that a registration for the Pre-Congress Courses is required. A course registration fee applies.

The participation in the Pre-Congress Courses is only possible for registered participants of the ESGE Annual Congress.

Descriptions Pre-Congress Courses

For further information and the involved faculty, please check the congress programme.

Pre-Congress Course 1: Access to Pelvic Sidewall (incl. Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration)

The course will provide a step by step approach to opening the pelvic sidewall and address all the different dissections necessary for oncologic surgery: How to identify and dissect the ureter, how to find the origin of the uterine artery, how to dissect the obturator nerve, how to perform pelvic lymphadenectomy etc. while avoiding complications at all cost. Short movies will be provided and pitfalls discussed. Troubleshooting will be an important aspect. The course will also handle the different indications of accessing the pelvic side wall in laparoscopic oncology with a thorough review of the literature discussing the actual standard of care and providing the vision of the future for the management of the different gynaecological malignancies.
The course will be useful for laparoscopic surgeons who have mastered standard hysterectomy and would like to take their surgery one step further. Though addressing oncologic procedures, moving safely through the structures of the pelvic sidewall will help during all difficult surgeries, including difficult hysterectomies, difficult myomectomies and endometriosis-cases

Pre-Congress Course 2: Neuropelveology (incl. Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration)

Beyond cadaver dissection and pelvic neuroanatomy, this course aims to improve your knowledge of neuropelveology. Experts in this field will show you the importance of the diagnostic process in neuropelveology and how to structure it. The essential point of education and knowing how to deepen your knowledge and your surgical training will also be discussed. Surgical techniques will then be approached, from the principles of dissection of peripheral nerves to laparoscopic implantation of neuroprosthesis.

Pre-Congress Course 3: Where 3D Sonography meets Hysteroscopy: Mullerian Anomalies and Myometrial Pathologies

Nowadays, integration between Hysteroscopic Surgery and Ultrasounds is fundamental. Gynaecologists performing endoscopic surgery should be able to perform gynecological ultrasound to diagnose benign and malignant diseases and also to guide some careful procedures. The course aims to provide the necessary knowledge and practical skills to treat complex pathologies under ultrasonographic guidance. The programme consists of brief lectures and hands-on-training sessions using transvaginal simulators, ultrasound machines, hysteroscopic trainers (wet and dry lab).

Pre-Congress Course 4: GESEA Train the Trainer

Striving for Excellence: improving the teaching skills of GESEA training
The Train the Trainer course aims to evaluate the educational skills of the GESEA instructors. Both novice and experienced GESEA Level 2 certified, minimally invasive surgeons, will be validated for their abilities to teach the GESEA principles and guide the trainees on how to handle and use the instruments in both hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. Their communication skills and abilities to adapt to new circumstances will also be challenged and evaluated via a scoring system.

Pre-Congress Course 5: How do I manage a woman who presents with an endometrioma? It is not as simple as you think!

This PCC will provide a practical guidance to clinicians who manage patients with endometriosis in their clinical practice. We all receive referrals of women with an endometrioma or diagnose endometriomas, however the choice of treatment or even if treatment is needed is not always clear. This course will try to provide answers to different clinical scenarios, based on presenting symptoms but will also cover the other deciding factors such as the significance of age, presence or absence of deep endometriosis, history of previous surgery and ovarian reserve. The lectures will be given by internationally renowned experts in this field and sufficient time for discussion is allocated for interaction.

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