Winners Day

The Winners Day is one of the important educational events of the Winners Project which takes place every year during the ESGE Annual Congress. This year the topic is “Rules in laparoscopic dissection”.

Dissection plays a pivotal role in our surgical practice and every endoscopic surgeon should master it to perform safe procedures and reduce the risk of complications.

During Winners Day, you will have the chance to interact with experts in the field in an informal atmosphere where everybody is invited to participate and discuss their experience.

This year, besides the core group of Winners led by Professor Arnaud Wattiez, several experts will share their experience to compare different approaches and techniques to provide a comprehensive overview of this important subject.

It is our pleasure this year to welcome international experts Professor Errico Zupi, Professor Ceana Nezhat and Professor Philippe Koninckx.

Winners Day will take place on
Sunday 7th October from 08:30 – 17:00.

Registration required.

Please click here for the Winners Day Programme (status as of 14th September 2018)

Winners Corner

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The Winners Corner is one of the most revolutionary ways of interaction for young people who are taking the path of minimally invasive surgery. It provides the opportunity for a small group of people to gather together and have the chance to view surgical videos presented by experts in the field.

All delegates are invited to present their own surgical procedure to be discussed within the group, to learn from their peer’s experiences and to have a unique opportunity to learn from experts to improve their own practice.

If you are interested in participating, you just have to edit an 8-minute video and join us at the ESGE booth
(booth no. 19) on Tuesday 9th October from 17:30 – 18:30.