Belgian Day

Sunday 1st October 2023 | 09:00 - 17:30


Course type

This “Belgian Day” has been organized by 3 neighbouring countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and France and the programme resulted from a collaboration between

  • Belgian Royal College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians – CRGOLFB
  • Vlaamse Vereniging voor Obstetrie and Gynaecologie – VVOG
  • The Gynaecological Society of the Netherlands – NVOG
  • The French Society of Gynaecological and Pelvic Surgery – SCGP
The scientific programme has been designed by:
  1. T Hamerlynck (VVOG)
  2. J.W. van der Steeg (NVOG)
  3. JP Estrade (SCGP)
  4. M Nisolle (CRGOLFB)
Course description

The scientific programme of this special day includes speakers from the 3 societies:  

  • the morning session being dedicated to 8 speakers from the North part of Belgium in collaboration the Netherlands
  • the afternoon session to 8 speakers from the South part of Belgium in collaboration with France.

Among the speakers, well-known speakers and young gynaecologists were selected to share their experience.

All the topics are innovative and will be of great interest.

Learning objectives

The objective of this “Belgian Day” is to discuss about “Hot topics” such as

  • the place of office hysteroscopic surgery
  • the management of rectal endometriosis in infertility
  • the preventive bilateral salpingectomy
  • the use of robotics

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